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About Nova:

What is Innovation Lab? This is a pivotal question that I don't think I'll ever be able to answer, and that is because it doesn't fit into a traditional category. Though I can't define it, I can describe it. Nova Lab is a space for fluid creativity, a safe space to cultivate ideas and a rehabilitation center for students' minds that have been damaged by the metal rods of the common core. Innovation Lab allows freedom of learning that is held accountable by a student's desire. I guess you can say this class is different for each student that comes across it.

Now that I'm reading what I've written, I really don't like calling Nova Lab a class; it identifies more with time. Where the word "class" implies being pressured to succeed and be rewarded with grades, Nova is a "space in time" where failure is a success as life-experience is rewarded. In Nova, we are trained for the real world and trained to challenge the world. The students are encouraged to take what the world gives us and to make it better to create a better world for everyone.

The five words that this class identifies with are inspiration, perspiration, creation, respiration, and aspiration. These words hold unbelievable depth and are applied to every project we do. We are driven by inspiration, working hard through perspiration, not stopping until there is creation, reflect on what we've done through respiration, and constantly aspiring to accomplish more.

Nova is certainly an adventure that to understand one must take a leap of faith and take the "class." No matter what one's preconceived aptitude is, Nova will be an asset to both one's mindset and education. Nova's challenge to all: take what you have and find how you can make it better.

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About the Daily Grind

I created a blog titled "A break From the Daily Grind" during my freshman year of high school. It served as a platform to post English assignments but also as a portfolio of my interests. The "Daily Grind" serves as the matured version of myself where I explore questions that have no definitive answer; I share ideas on topics that may be controversial; where I can be innovative and design my own way of thinking; and lastly, collaborate with my peers. Think of the "Daily Grind" as a place to share my hard work to stimulate conversations to better myself and the world around me.

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